Diplomatic Courier: Feeding the Future

When we talk about how to feed and nourish a world projected to add about two billion people over the next generation, we are really facing a multitude of unprecedented challenges.

If all we had to do was produce more food, the problem would be difficult enough. But we need to do so while dealing with serious restraints caused by climate change, shrinking agricultural land, drought and environmental degradation so extensive that in China – the world’s most populous nation – nearly a fifth of farmland is dangerously polluted.

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26th Annual Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference

At UC Davis, a majority of our students work with faculty across various disciplines to conduct undergraduate research. And every year our undergraduates are able to present their work at the Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities Conference. Organized by the Undergraduate Research Center, this conference provides a unique opportunity for students to share their ideas with fellow Aggies and get acquainted with the rigors of presenting research in a scholarly manner. The conference also allows those who attend and be exposed to the diverse array of research topics undergraduates become involved with at UC Davis.

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Congratulating Men’s Basketball on a Great Season

I recently had a wonderful time hosting a reception for our UC Davis Men’s Basketball team to congratulate the players and coaches on their successful season. Like many of our sports teams, the basketball players excited Aggie fans with wins at home and away. They finished the season 25 – 7 and won the Big West Conference for the first time. The team’s 25 wins were their most in Division One and it was the first time where they had gone undefeated at home.

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So proud that we’re No. 1!

With nearly 7,000 post-secondary educational institutions in the United States alone, it’s easy to understand the pride we feel at UC Davis with news that programs in two of our core schools are ranked the very best in the world.

QS World University Rankings evaluated 3,467 universities and colleges and wound up ranking 971 of them. All told, the international rankings service considered more than 13,000 individual programs.

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The uphill trail to gender equity (Capitol Weekly)

When I was a member of the electrical engineering faculty at the University of Michigan in the early 1990’s, I will never forget what the head of our department would invariably say to me whenever I stayed in the lab to work late.

“Why are you still here,” he wanted to know. “Don’t you have a family to go home to?”

The question upset me because I could not help but notice that he never asked the same of my male colleagues, who also had families at home.

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UC Davis, Mars, Inc. create sustainability partnership

In September 2014, UC Davis and Mars, Incorporated, agreed to a partnership that created the Innovation Institute for Food and Health, managed through the UC Davis World Food Center. In January this collaboration was officially launched.

“Establishing the Innovation Institute for Food and Health will mark a great step forward in addressing the sustainability challenges we face at the nexus between food, agriculture and health. We are proud to be at the forefront of this multidisciplinary and multifunctional effort to confront these issues head-on through innovation at scale.”

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Launching UC Davis Life Sciences Innovation Center

At UC Davis, we understand the vital role that agriculture plays in our state and world economy, always planning for the future of this industry as we face new environmental and economic challenges.

We are currently ranked as the world’s top agricultural university by QS World University Rankings, and now we are working very diligently to leverage that expertise – and the hard work of our students, faculty and staff – into dynamic new partnerships. … continue reading >


Meet our Student Assistants to the Chancellor

At UC Davis, we have a long-standing tradition of selecting a group of students every year to serve as student assistant to the Chancellor. This tradition was started by Chancellor Emeritus Larry Vanderhoef in 2001 and continues today. The student assistants are a liaison between the student body and the administration. They assist students with problems and concerns, and also advise the administration on student life and issues. Each year, we get great candidates applying and the selection committee and I always have a tough decision on whom to select.

With the spring quarter upon us, I want to again thank each of the student assistants for their hard work and enthusiasm. Each of them has worked diligently since last fall on making UC Davis a better Aggie community. Here is a brief summary of just some of what they have done.

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