UC on the Path to Carbon Neutrality

In November of 2013, UC President Janet Napolitano announced the Carbon Neutrality Initiative, which commits the UC to emitting net zero greenhouse gases from its buildings and vehicle fleet by 2025. This initiative builds on the the pioneering research done on our campuses and pledges that the UC will become a model in the fight against climate change, not only for California, but for the nation and the rest of the world.

Carbon Neutrality Summit

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Meet our Student Assistants to the Chancellor

At UC Davis, we have a long-standing tradition of selecting a group of students every year to serve as student assistants to the Chancellor. These students are a liaison between the student body and the administration. They assist fellow students with problems and concerns, and also advise the administration on student life and issues. Each year, we get outstanding candidates applying and the selection committee and I always have a tough decision on whom to select.


Student Assistants to the Chancellor

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UC Davis Launches 13 New Companies in the Past Year

When I came to UC Davis in 2009, one of the things I said I wanted to do was work with our outstanding faculty, students and staff here to turn more of our research into commercial ventures that create jobs, build companies and make a positive impact on people’s quality of life. There is always more work to do, but I am very pleased and proud of the fact that we’ve made good progress and have come a long way toward creating the kind of innovation ecosystem great research universities need to accomplish these goals.

UCD Startups

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ELIPPS and the Next Generation of California Policy Leaders

With close proximity to the State Capitol, we have a tremendous opportunity to engage with elected officials in meaningful discussions about public policy. Furthermore, our students are well situated to pursue fellowships that provide them with insight to the inner workings of state and local government. One such opportunity is the Emerging Leaders in Policy and Public Service (ELIPPS) initiative. Spearheaded by Amandeep Kaur, director of ELIPPS and my science advisor, this program connects graduate and professional students with state leaders and enables them to learn about real-world policy and practices while making significant contributions to public decision-making.


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A Leader in Healthcare Inducted into the National Academy of Medicine

Hardly a week goes by on our campus that doesn’t see one of our faculty members or deans recognized for their world-class research or for the breadth of their groundbreaking work over the course of their careers. One of the more recent examples of this came when we learned that Julie Freischlag, dean of the UC Davis School of Medicine and our vice chancellor for human health sciences, was inducted into the National Academy of Medicine.

Julie Freischlag

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Wide-Open Doors at UC Davis for Low Income Students

As UC Davis continues to pursue excellence, we must renew our commitment to accessibility. We must always be open and respectful to the many forms of diversity that have a place here.

Last week in the New York Times, an article ranked American universities based on the economic diversity of their students. High-ranking universities are particularly accessible to students from low and middle-income families.

UC Davis was ranked number two in the entire nation and six of the top seven ranked universities were UC campuses. As a UC Chancellor, I cannot tell you how proud those rankings made me. The article underscores why it’s so important for our state to continue to invest in public higher education.

More than 40 percent of our undergraduates come from families with incomes below $50,000. And, 43 percent of our undergraduates receive Pell grants, a far higher percentage than any other major research university—public or private.

I know first hand the liberating power of higher education. As a young girl growing up in a small village in the Greek Isles, finding access to affordable education opened the door on a wide world of possibility.

Higher education is a profoundly valuable public asset. We need to support and nurture accessible learning. I truly believe our future depends on it.

UC Davis will continue the tradition of bringing a world-class UC education to deserving students who need financial assistance. I see every day that when these students graduate, they go on to contribute so much to our communities and our economy.

These are exciting times for UC Davis. We are blessed with some of the best students, faculty and staff in the world. With continued vision, hard work and collaboration, I know we will build a brighter future for all of us!

Remembering a Bold Leader, Husband, Father and Longtime Aggie

Like so many in our campus community, my family and I were very sad to learn about the passing of Chancellor Emeritus Larry Vanderhoef. Larry was such a passionate and proud Aggie. He was a strong advocate for higher education who wisely led UC Davis through a period of growth and worldwide prominence. During this time of great loss in our community, I hope we can all take a few moments to reflect on the legacy that Larry left behind and rededicate ourselves to continue to advance that legacy through our own collective actions.

LK & Vanderhoef

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Help UC Davis Be Number One in the Cool Campus Challenge

On October 6th the University of California Office of the President launched the Cool Campus Challenge. This online competition, ending December 10th, provides a learning experience as well as motivation and rewards for staff, faculty and students who take action to reduce their carbon footprint and help the UC system reach President Napolitano’s target of Carbon Neutrality by 2025. This is a big goal, but it is something that I am convinced we can achieve if we work together.


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Student Support Services are Key to Student Success at UC Davis

As Chancellor, there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing our UC Davis students succeed. After all, that is what the university is here for. Whether through mentoring or student support services, there is no greater gift we can offer our students than tools to help them reach their goals. At UC Davis, we have a wide array of services to assist students from all socio-economic backgrounds and experiences.

student programs

One such service was in the news recently with the announcement by the U.S. Department of Education that it is renewing a $1.2 million dollar grant to continue funding the TRiO Scholars program. The TRiO Scholars Program, also known as the Student Support Services program, supports students from low-income families, are the first in their families to attend college or who have disabilities. The program has great value and not only supports students, but also brings together as part of a nurturing community.

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Expanding the Footprint of UC Davis

UC Davis is flourishing thanks in large part to the partnerships we’re forming across California and around the globe. Now, we are exploring ways to deepen our relationship with a place very close and important to us – our state’s capital.


UC Davis is uniquely positioned to be a valuable partner for Sacramento and the state government. Here at the nexus of water, food, and health, we hope to build a research center that will bring together people and knowledge to address the most pressing challenges of our time. We also want to provide state government with greater access to our experts on these and other topics vital to California and its future.

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